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  • Finally, the Administration will leverage the "Green Button" standard—which aggregates energy data in a secure, easy to use format—within federal facilities to increase their ability to manage energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and meet sustainability goals.

    The President's Climate Action Plan, June 2013
  • Giving residential and commercial customers secure access to their own energy data in a standard, easy-to-understand format will help them visualize their energy use and identify opportunities to save money. At the same time, Green Button is spurring the development of new online tools and services that add value to this information, creating an innovative new domain for entrepreneurship and job creation.

    Todd Park, Assistant to the President and U.S. Chief Technology Officer
  • [Aneesh speaking] It might be helpful for you to make judgments about what kind of retrofit decisions to make. You might be interested in knowing whether or not it's worthwhile for you to put solar panels on your roof...so there are secondary and tertiary applications that we have yet to even imagine.

    Bloomberg West (VIDEO), Chopra on U.S. Internet-Piracy, Smart Grid
  • "...this is a dream come true after 30 years in this business - for consumers, for society and for the environment."

    Smart Grid Watch (Emeter blog): Green Button goes live. How can consumers use it?
  • "The White House hopes that someday soon everyone will be able to monitor and control their home energy usage, and lower their monthly utility bills, with a few swipes on a smartphone app... "

    New York Times Green Blog, A Phone App for Turning Down the Thermostat
  • "...it may finally give consumers a reason to care about the smart grid."

    San Francisco Chronicle: 'Green button' key to making sense of smart meters
  • "Three big California power utilities are launching a Web-based tool to help their customers save energy - and money."

    LA Times, Utilities unveil online tool to help customers save energy
  • We've learned when our customers have data about energy habits, they can save money," said [SDG&E communications manager Erin] Coller

    KGTV San Diego, SDG&E Program Helps Customers Track Energy Usage
  • "Solar companies are also eager for consumer data because understanding a homeowner's electricity use is key to the sales process. Many consumers don't know how much they spend each month on electricity, or stash old bills in file cabinets."

    San Jose Mercury News: California utilities unveil 'Green Button' system
  • "The project is important because it is a broad-based plan to take energy data and standardize the format of it, open it up (while also providing security) and make it readily available to consumers."

    Gigaom, The Green Button project launches to unleash energy data
  • "The project, championed by U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra, standardizes the deliver[y] of household energy data and is seen as a catalyst to create an ecosystem for app developers to produce new services and products."

    Greenbiz.com: Calif. Utilities Embrace Green Button Project to Unleash Energy Data

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