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“The new era of DER development”

Brought to you by Energy Toolbase and UtilityAPI 
- Green Button Alliance members

The new era of DER project development: leveraging Green Button Data to analyze solar + storage, TOU rates & NEM 2.0 scenarios  (51 minutes)
1. Intros & housekeeping
2. General remarks about Green Button Data (interval meter data)
3. UtilityAPI overview & live demo
4. Energy Toolbase overview, recent integration with UtilityAPI & live demo
5. Discussion of benefits of leveraging GBD in DER project development
     a. TOU rates
     b. NEM 2.0 scenarios
     c. solar + storage

Does it really help me do my job?

“We are huge evangelists of the Green Button Data standard.  Having Green Button Data is a prerequisite to accurately estimate dollar savings for many types of projects.  It's imperative for the growth of distributed energy resources that utilities and stakeholders continue to adopt and advance the Green Button Data standard.”

“Utility-provided Green Button customer usage data are highly sought-after by solar and solar software companies as it enables solar installers, financiers, and energy service companies to evaluate projects and savings faster and with more accuracy. Public-purpose programs, including demand response and energy efficiency programs, also benefit.”

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