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In a “Triple-Net” Lease and need to cut costs?  Want to know when you use the most energy?  Have multiple meters and very little visibility into costs?  Wondering if Solar would make sense?  Know if your irrigation systems leak?  
Get answers with the Green Button.

How Focused Data Use Analysis Leads To Energy Efficiency

By Klaar de Schepper, June 2017
From: How Focused Data Use Analysis Leads To Energy Efficiency, Buildings Operating Management Magazine/FacilitiesNet

When it comes to energy data analysis, some is good, but more is almost always better.

One axiom of utility data analysis is that, once some interesting insights have been culled from utility bills, more detailed usage analysis will be desired.  Utility bills don’t tell how much was used at what time on which day, or by which device..…

Flow diagram of downloading data and sharing with a solution provider.
“Utilities across the country have started to share customer data in a standard XML format and protocol known as “Green Button Connect,” providing FMs a cost-effective and secure way of getting higher definition data.”

Managing Facilities?
Want a single energy-data standard?

“Energyworx delivers insights and business value to energy system operators, retailers, and prosumers. For facility managers, the Energyworx platform monitors and correlates relevant datasources to help manage multiple locations by setting usage thresholds, benchmarking accounts and identifying opportunities to save. Energyworx leverages Green Button to obtain standardized energy consumption data, eliminating the need to support various utility protocols and streamlines the customer authorization process, so our applications can securely access the data.”

“Green Button removes the manual data-collection and -access barrier for Commercial and Industrial sector users. Building owners and property managers can easily retrieve utility-provided Green Button consumption data in a consistent format across multiple utilities and utility types, arming them with the information and solution-enabled insights to ensure those buildings perform efficiently. This saves time, costs, and the environment.”